Essential guide

Welcome to the essential guide for LearnNL

The supports below provide a quick introduction to LearnNL, and how you can get the most from it.  

This will tee you up to get involved with the wide range of learning and development activities and support available.

Log in for the first time

Follow the steps on the download to access your LearnNL account

Video tour

Check out the mini clips walking you through the key features of LearnNL

Mandatory e-learning

All your mandatory e-learning is available here in one place


Benefit from a myPRD (performance, review and development) conversation

Digital learning

Grow your digital skills and power up your potential

Leadership academy

Wherever your leadership passions lie, you'll find an exciting breadth of opportunities here

Coming soon

Managers myNL toolkit

Managers dashboard

Tour the managers team dashboard

Forgotten LearnNL password

Reset your password in a couple of click - the reset tool will send an email to the email address you set up on LearnNL