Get a brand new car through the Green Car Salary Sacrifice Scheme

What's its all about

Are you looking for a brand new electric or plug-in hybrid car with an inclusive motoring package and one convenient amount taken from your gross salary?

Our new Green Car Salary Sacrifice Scheme for colleagues can do all of that and more. With the scheme you’ll be able to offset some of your salary before it gets taxed in exchange for a brand new cleaner and greener electric or plug-in hybrid car that’s contributing towards net zero goals.

You can choose a car from all leading manufacturers and every car comes complete with:
• Routine maintenance and servicing
• Fully comprehensive car insurance
• Breakdown cover (UK & European)
• Replacement tyres
• Lifestyle protections

All of this and there is no deposit.

Signing up to take part in the Green Car Scheme is a serious long term financial commitment. Please take your time going through all the supplied Green Car Scheme helps and supports.

Eligibility criteria

A key point to be aware of is that following recent changes in National Minimum Wage and National Living Wage rates, to participate in the scheme a colleagues annual salary must be greater than £30,600.

Key impact of participating in the Green Car Scheme Salary Sacrifice

You get a brand new electric or plug-in hybrid car for a fixed salary sacrifice amount.

Participation in a salary sacrifice green car scheme reduces both employee and employer pension contributions.

If colleagues have any concerns regarding the impact that the car scheme salary sacrifice might have on their pension contributions or benefits, they should consult an independent financial advisor.  Please note NLC cannot provide any pension advice as we not regulated or permitted to do so as per the Financial Conduct Authority.

The quote colleagues will receive for a car of their choice will only show the monthly reduction for the employee pension contribution, not the monthly reduction for the employer pension contribution.

More information is available below on pension contribution rates and actions colleagues may consider to support the pension impact of the employee and employer reductions.

Single status colleagues

Contribution rate bands for Scottish Local Government Pension Scheme (download)

Additional Voluntary Contribution (AVC) scheme with the Prudential

Additional Pension Contributions with the Strathclyde Pension Fund

Education colleagues – teachers

Contribution rate bands for Scottish Public Pensions Agency (download)

Options to increase retirement benefits

Participation in the green car scheme also means that if a colleague claims mileage expenses this would be at a lower rate of HM Revenue & Customs advisory fuel rates.  This is due to the tax implications of the change in the vehicle ownership.

Frequently asked questions

Virtual Roadshow

View on-demand a virtual roadshow to find out how you can benefit from the scheme and enjoy easy motoring.  The roadshow recording last around 30 minutes – click below to view it:



Competition - £250 gift card

If you log in to the Car Scheme platform before 29th February 2024, you’ll automatically be entered into a competition for the chance to win a £250 Amazon gift card.

Access the Green Car Scheme Platform to browse and order

The Green Car Scheme platform is where you can view the cars available and get an initial quote.
It is accessed through our mylifestyle hub which also hosts Cycle2work scheme and great retail discounts.
Top tip, remember your mylifestyle username is the letters NLC followed by your payroll number. For example NLC7654321.
There is a reset password option that links to the email address used at setup. This may have been a work email address or a personal email address.
Please note the car quote provided on the Green Car Scheme platform is set for a monthly salary. To arrive at a quote for:

-four weekly salary (13 pays in a year) please multiply the monthly amount quoted by 12 and divided by 13

-two weekly salary (26 pays in a year) please multiply the monthly amount quoted by 12 and divided by 26


Legal documents (for reference only)

Need some help?

If you need a hand with any queries you may have, or you want to chat about ordering a car, you can get support by phone: 0333 400 7431 or email:

If you need some help with setting up a mylifestyle hub account please email: